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        Momma's Home Made, LLC

"Like the number of apples contained in a single apple seed, each opportunity that we seize, contains a untold number of benefits."
Rick Irving


My dream started with a nightmare. In 2003, Daisy Smith was involved in a car accident. As a result of the accident, she was disabled and had to retire. Sitting around feeling sorry for herself had never been Daisy's way, and she wasn't about to start now.

Instead, she searched for something to occupy her time (and to supplement her income). She knew that one thing she could always do was cook. So she began selling home made dinners.
This went well, but then she noticed that as much as they loved the food, many of her customers were asking for more and more . . .applesauce. She kept hearing, "Mmmm, This tastes like Apple Pie!"

After one customer ordered a big jar of the applesauce, a light went on for Daisy. At the same time, the light was dimming for her daughter Jaconda. After working as a, Atlantic City casino cook for over 16 years, Jaconda was burnt out.

They both had visions of owning their own business, but were working too much to really get it going. So it waited. One day while taking her son to school, Jaconda stopped at Whole Foods Market to get his lunch.

She was amazed; The store was a cook's dream. At work that evening, a friend of hers told her that Whole Foods was hiring. She called, and set up an interview. Jaconda was hired on the spot! Inspired, she went to work that night and tendered her resignation. After working at Whole Foods for approximately five months, she was called for a meeting. At the meeting, she was introduced to a new program for local vendors.

She immediately told them about her Momma's applesauce, and the store's team leader said "Tell your mother to call me."  She did. Daisy set up an appointment.  Brought him a sample of the applesauce. He took one taste and gave them a contract. 

They incorporated as a mother/daughter business. Now their products are in various Whole Foods Markets.
That was the start of Momma's Home Made, LLC

"Our goal is to produce quality foods and distribute to a wide market of consumers for their enjoyment." The all natural ingredients will allow the product to have a great nutritional value that is compatible for people on Special Diets as well as Regular Diets."\entry\470009

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